10X Your Sales Engine

Boost Predictable Revenue & Scale Efficiently

Do fluctuating sales figures, uncertainty about cash flow, and pressure to keep fundraising haunt your nights?

Feel like your business could soar, if you had more hours in the day to focus on what truly matters?

If every sale requires you, then you are the bottleneck to growth. Imagine if your sales team could excel, even when you're not in the room. 

What if you could learn how to get more time and a better sales strategy with one smart decision to do a free sales scalability assessment?

Sales Struggle
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Where is there friction in your funnels?

  • Conversion rates too low
  • Cost of acquiring customers too high
  • Underperforming Sales Development Reps booking too few meetings
  • Low quality lead generation 
  • Inexperienced Account Executives need accountability, motivation, training, and/or coaching
  • Inefficiencies in the sales process
  • Fumbled hand-offs within your team
  • Ineffective go-to-market strategies
  • Poor CRM adoption by your team
  • Lack of sales data analytics and reporting for you to make informed business decisions
  • High churn rates without a strong customer success department

What you can expect...

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Imagine if you...

Lead a thriving business with consistent sales growth that doesn't need you in every meeting.

Discover the freedom to focus on big-picture strategies, while a skilled fractional sales executive propels your sales forward.

Gain the confidence of a predictable financial runway, securing the future of your company and your peace of mind.

Achieve the status and satisfaction of a successful CEO, leading a team that excels under your visionary leadership.

How it works...

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How It Works

Get the expert guidance you need...

William Kasper

20+ years of expertise in customer development; sales and customer success; operations and logistics; & performance metrics and measurement to develop strategy, processes, skills, and performance monitoring to meet your most critical objectives.

Henning Schwinum (Vendux)

Helps your company grow your sales leadership capital by matching you with the sales leader and team necessary to transform your sales strategy, increase revenue, and move your business to the next level.

Kasem Rodriguez Mohsen (Bustelo Solutions)

20+ years of expertise as an executive operator, impact investor, data scientist, and organizational psychologist, with a track record of leading three companies through rapid growth, fundraising, and acquisition.
This is only a sneak peek at 3 of the fractional sales executives who can make you more money.

Your fractional sales executive can deliver...​

  • Assessment of Your Current Sales Funnel Activities
  • B2B Sales Strategy
  • Coaching Existing Sales Team
  • Cold Email Campaigns
  • CRM Strategy and Implementation
  • Dashboard Design and Automated Reporting
  • Email Scripts for Each Sales Funnel Stage
  • Expected Value Calculations
  • Guidance on Sales Rep Recruitment and Hiring
  • Lead Generation
  • Management for Your Sales Team
  • Niche Down on Your Ideal Client Profile
  • Nurture Campaign Development
  • Pipeline Management and Reporting
  • Product Demo Training
  • Recruit, Interview, Hire, Onboard, and Manage New Sales Reps
  • Referral Systems
  • Sales Strategy and Process Upgrades
  • Template Sales Scripts
  • Training for Your Sales Team

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