Board of Advisors

Get the advice you need

When you have strategic decisions to make, do you wish you had a Board of Advisors on speed dial with the perfect expertise and experience?

Now, you will.

Malloy Industries offers a subscription service giving you on-call access to our vetted roster of fractional executives with a combined 1,000+ years of experience across every industry and business function.

Custom-build your Board of Advisors each month based on what you need right now.

Talented advisors are available to grow your company

Cynthia Villar

Cynthia Villar is a bilingual UX-oriented leader who possesses a unique talent to oversee any organization's HR operations and transform them from zero to hero. Cynthia offers diverse expertise in HR leadership, sales, marketing, communications, and fundraising. She guides clients to build their strategy, systems, and processes to scale up and optimize their results.

Rory McGloin, Ph.D.

Rory is an award-winning business communication professor. Rory has curated a wealth of knowledge on how the process of communication impacts every element of our lives and our businesses. Rory’s mission is to help others maximize the impact of their communications in a manner that is fun and fulfilling.

Liz Whitehead

Liz helps businesses owned by the new majority - people with disabilities, women, minorities, veterans, and the LGBTQ community - as a business development consultant to make meaningful relationships within the supplier diversity network, have more productive conversations, and win more new business.
This is only a sneak peek at 3 of the 90+ strategic advisors on the Malloy Industries Board of Advisors...

Together, we choose the types of advisors you need each month based on your priorities

  • CEO Coaches
  • Sales Specialists
  • Marketing Mavens
  • Operations Optimizers
  • Communications Commanders
  • Fundraising Field Marshals
  • Human Resources Heroes
  • Financial Forecasters
  • Data Decipherers
  • Systems Sensei

Included in every package

  • Reliable, consistent access to the expertise you need when you need it
  • Substitute advisors in and out as your company’s needs change
  • Find folks whose personality and communication style align with your preferences and culture
  • Advisors are available to serve as consultants
  • You set the agenda
  • Priceless advice from people you trust
  • No need to give up equity in your business
  • No need for long-term commitments
  • No need to negotiate terms with each person
  • 1-month money-back guarantee

Pick the package that's right for you


$ 997 / m
  • 1-3 Advisors/Month
  • Change Advisors Monthly
  • 1-3 Meetings/Month
  • Meetings with CEO only
  • Do It Yourself Solutions
  • 1-Month Money-Back Guarantee
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$ 4,997 / m
  • 1-5 Advisors/Month
  • Change Advisors Monthly
  • 1-10 Meetings/Month
  • Consulting Projects
  • Meetings with CEO
  • Meetings with Leadership Team
  • Do It Yourself Solutions
  • Done With You Solutions
  • 1-Month Money-Back Guarantee


$ 9,997 / m
  • 1-10 Advisors/Month
  • Change Advisors Monthly
  • 1-20 Meetings/Month
  • Consulting Projects
  • Meetings with CEO
  • Meetings with Leadership Team
  • Meetings with Managers and Staff
  • Coaching for Any Team Members
  • Do It Yourself Solutions
  • Done With You Solutions
  • Done For You Solutions
  • 1-Month Money-Back Guarantee

How can you benefit from a Malloy Industries Board of Advisors?

  1. Engage with world-class experts across a range of disciplines to get advice and insight on your most challenging business problems
  2. Receive objective insights and disciplined feedback that cut through the noise and help get your business moving in the right direction quicker
  3. Learn new techniques and share perspectives with experts who have learned from other organizations along their professional engagements, so you don’t reinvent the wheel
  4. Partner with a curated list of advisors who have been hand-picked for their skills and expertise, as well as because of their commitment and dedication to serving clients with professionalism
  5. Evaluate multiple strategic options from advisors who excel at synthesizing information quickly to help you implement change in a manner that is faster and more efficient than relying on committees that get nothing done and take up too many resources
trusted by companies, loved by people

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