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Corkboard Services

Free time to work ON your business

  • You're not happy and your company is not growing when you are always putting out fires as the Chief Everything Officer (CEO)
  • Pick your most pressing problems to delegate, automate, or offload
  • Get access to 2-20 hours/week with trusted, vetted fractional executives, so you can achieve business objectives, reach investor milestones, and decrease employee burnout

3-Step Process to Solve Your Problems

1) Define Your Dream Outcomes

  • Fill out the form to get the process started
  • Share what you want and how we can help
  • Get excited about co-creating a project brief with our expert fractional executives to define what your success looks
  • Increase your chances of solving your problems

2) Select Your Fractional Executives

  • Review a curated set of 1-3 fractional executives
  • Meet with people who have the expertise you are missing
  • In 1-3 meetings, get alignment on the statement of work, budget, and timeline (i.e., $5k/month for 3 months)
  • Review your proposal with multiple options
  • Sign the contract to get started

3) Solve Your Problems

  • Schedule a kickoff meeting to unleash your fractional executive as soon as you are ready
  • Let your fractional executive lead the project and collaborate with key stakeholders in your organization
  • Go solve your next problem because your fractional executive has the methodology needed to take care of this

You can get access to decades of experience at a fraction of the cost

It’s always a better investment to contract 100% of an expert’s skill set for 2-20 hours/week then to recruit, interview, hire, and pay a full-time salary with benefits. 

You can leverage our fractional model to contract the right amount of resources you need in each department at each stage of growth.

You benefit from business matchmaking at its finest because this is how successful companies scale.

This is the future of work.

expand Your Bandwidth

  • Access a trustworthy, vetted network of experts to increase your team's time and energy
  • Connect with experts in a fraction of the time
  • Ramp up or down on a month-to-month basis and substitute consultants as your needs change