Women's Startup Lab
Resource Library

How to Use the Resource Library

  1. Look Around Carefully: Read through the database of resources. There are resources to help you in each category of your business. Each resource can solve a specific problem or help in a specific area. Think about what you want your business to be and what you need to get there. Then, look for resources based on category, name, or description. 

  2. Read the Full Descriptions: When you want to learn more about a resource, click on the “Name” column, and it will open the full description and links.

  3. Try Things Out: Use what you learn from a resource and apply it to your business. You can find ways to sell more, make your business run smoother, or come up with new ideas. Use these tools and see how your business gets better.

  4. Make It Yours: Every business is different. The resource library is built for customization. Different resources can help you at different times when you build your company. Some resources you can use over and over again.