Emotional, Physical, & Spiritual Well-Being as an Intern

Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Well-Being as an Intern
Your emotional, physical, & spiritual well-being as an intern is vital to your overall job satisfaction and happiness in life.


You need to watch each video in its entirety.
Video 1/2 – How to Keep Your Wits About You as an Intern
Video 2/2 – 6 Tactics to Combat Work Stress

 Required Readings

  1. Reflections on being a Misfit: Entrepreneurship, mental health and why I am leaving the company I helped build
  2. New Research Shows Remote And Hybrid Workers Suffering Physical And Mental Health Dilemmas
  3. The Power of Daily Affirmations For Professional Development And Confidence (With 10 Examples)


  1. How to Keep Your Wits About You as an Intern Slides – for your reference from the video

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