The Pixar Storytelling Structure

Crafting compelling stories is an art, and the Pixar storytelling structure serves as a guiding framework to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact. You will recognize the Pixar storytelling structure from movies such as Toy Story, Up, and Frozen. This framework provides a helpful structure that allows you to add your own unique insights and examples.

  • Once upon a time:
    • Explain the importance of the introduction in setting the stage for a compelling story
    • Discuss how the introduction should introduce the setting, main characters, and establish the tone and mood
  • And every day:
    • Emphasize the rising action and how it introduces conflict or challenges for the characters
    • Describe how this section should create a sense of tension and drive the story forward
  • Until one day:
    • Highlight the climax as the turning point in the story
    • Explain how this section should introduce the event or decision that propels the story toward resolution
  • Because of this:
    • Discuss the falling action and its role in resolving the conflict
    • Mention the challenges faced by the characters and their efforts to overcome them
  • Because of that:
    • Explore the resolution, where the conflict is resolved and goals are achieved
    • Discuss the impact of the resolution on the characters and their personal growth
  • Until finally:
    • Explain the significance of the conclusion in summarizing the story's events and themes
    • Encourage reflection on the lessons learned and the impact of the story on the reader
  • And ever since that day:
    • Conclude with a final thought or reflection on the story
    • Encourage readers to apply the story's lessons or takeaways to their own lives


By following this seven-sentence structure, you can unlock the essence of a captivating story, infuse it with your unique voice, and share it with the world. Remember, while each story is unique, the underlying structure allows you to build emotional connections, convey meaningful messages, and create memorable experiences.

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