The DOORS Framework: Achieve Greater Fitness, Happiness, and Satisfaction


Achieving comprehensive wellness is often reduced to physical health alone. However, true wellness encompasses much more. The DOORS Framework is an integrative approach that includes physical, emotional, mental, and financial well-being, along with strong social connections. This guide explores how you can define and achieve success in all areas of your life, ensuring a balanced and fulfilling existence.

What's The DOORS Framework?

The DOORS Framework (Definition, Objectives, Obstacles, Routines, Socialization) offers a structured approach to exploring and enhancing every facet of your life. By applying these principles, you can achieve a level of fitness that transcends the physical and includes every dimension of a well-lived life.

10 Pïllars of Life

Defining Fitness Across All Areas of Life

Wikipedia defines physical fitness as a state of health and well-being and, more specifically, the ability to perform aspects of sports, occupations, and daily activities. Physical fitness is generally achieved through proper nutrition, moderate-vigorous physical exercise, and sufficient rest along with a formal recovery plan.

Fitness is a complex concept that includes more than just physical health. It encompasses emotional resilience, mental acuity, spiritual alignment, business acumen,  financial prowess, and strong social connections. 

Step 1: How do you want to Define fitness in each area of your life?

Objective Setting for Personal and Professional Growth

In each pillar of life, establishing clear Objective is required. Whether it's fostering the energy needed for effective leadership, setting ambitious creative output goals, or fortifying emotional resilience, defining objectives guides your journey towards fulfillment in both personal and professional realms.

Step 2: What’s your fitness Objective in each area of your life?

Identifying and Overcoming Obstacles

Every journey encounters Obstacles—whether they are mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, or social. Recognizing and addressing these barriers is crucial for unlocking your full potential, feeling energized, and overcoming life’s challenges with antifragile confidence.

Step 3:: What Obstacles do you need to be aware of, so they don’t prevent you from feeling strong, capable, and resilient?

Establishing Routines

Conscious and deliberate Routines serve as the foundation for personal growth. By crafting routines tailored to optimize each pillar of your life, you create a framework for continuous improvement and success.

Friendly (re)introduction to the DRGT hierarchy: Desires > Routines > Goals > Tasks.

A daily routine might be stretching before bed, hugging a loved one, having the courage to vulnerably share your feelings, enforcing a boundary, doing 1 money generating activity, texting 1 friend, or calling 1 family member.

Step 4: What is 1 Routine you can commit to improve your fitness in each pillar?

Socialization with a Supportive Community:

Surrounding yourself with a supportive peer group is essential for personal and professional development. You need to nurture relationships with like-minded individuals who uplift, support, and encourage you, especially if they’re also striving for greatness. 

Step 5: Who are 1-3 supportive people you can Socialize your Fitness DOORS with?


To recap, use DOORS to improve your whole life fitness, happiness, and satisfaction.

DOORS = Definition + Objectives + Obstacles + Routines + Socialization

Applying the DOORS framework holistically enriches every facet of your life, guiding you towards a well-rounded and fulfilling life. 

When applied to physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social fitness, you'll experience positive transformation and growth.

As part of the Malloy Industries community, you have access to a network of peers who share your commitment to excellence. 

Start today by defining what fitness means to you in every aspect of your life and take proactive steps to cultivate a lifestyle that reflects your definitions of success and well-being.

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