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Advice for Summer Interns

  • Relationships matter most in finding work and play that you love
  • Re-roll every aspect of your life (except your spouse) every 3-5 years
  • To prevent mentoring relationships from feeling one way, you can ask your mentor “How can I help you?” in every interaction and follow up to tell them how their advice and insights made a positive impact on you
  • 25 years with 4 quarters = 100 quarters, which means you can do nothing productive toward your goals for 3-month periods and still have a successful life

Course Updates

Based on student feedback, we are extending the deadline for comments an extra 2.5 days after each assignment is due. For each assignment due Sunday at 11:59 pm, you will have until Wednesday at 12pm to add 2 comments to your classmates’ posts. This will give students who submit their posts close to the deadline more time for their classmates to read and comment on their posts. Hopefully, these summer intern resources help, too!

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