ChatGPT Prompts ChatGPT prompts can teach you how to leverage this powerful tool to serve as a reliable “intern” to do 80% of the work if you follow the 10/80/10

North Star Metrics are the top-line metrics that all company priorities are aligned around. Whatever companies choose as their guiding metric, all energy and brainpower will flow in that direction. There

Instructions: Click here to make a copy of the worksheet. Fill in each of the blanks to clarify your Ideal Client Profile. Update the sharing settings, so anyone with the

Open Roles at VC Firm's Portfolio Companies Click the links to see job boards with open positions at 100s of well-funded companies across industries. Look here to find your next

These case studies highlight examples of impactful work that the Malloy Industries Consulting Group has delivered for clients. Please contact if you want to achieve similar results.

35-step Scribe SOP to copy Eventbrite event to publish a new Malloy Industries Masterclass.