Reclaim Your Freedom and Time by Delegating and Automating Your Business


Watch this Masterclass to learn new frameworks and opportunities for delegating, automating, and decreasing your stress.

Does this sound like you?

If I don’t show up, the show won’t go on. I stress thinking about what would happen to my business if I got sick or took a vacation. I don’t have time to properly train the help I know I need. I’m swamped. I’ve been burned by staff before. I have trust issues. I have a team helping me, but they always need clarity on how to get things done. I’m skeptical anyone could perform tasks of the same quality as me. I can’t scale or eventually sell my business without standardizing or simplifying my operations.

If any of that sounded familiar to you, then register for this Malloy Industries Masterclass!

You will learn new frameworks and opportunities to rethink delegating work, designing automated systems for scale, and decreasing your stress, so you can reclaim your freedom of time to spend it doing what you love with the ones you love.

Mike Malloy is a seasoned professional with 14+ years of experience as the Founder of Malloy Industries, Deloitte management consultant, Waveborn sunglasses CEO, Halcyon Incubator program director, Georgetown professor, trusted advisor, mentor, and coach. Mike possesses a unique blend of technical expertise, interpersonal communication skills, and emotional intelligence. Mike serves as an Adjunct Professor, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, and former Ultimate Frisbee Coach at Georgetown. Mike received the 2022 Outstanding Entrepreneurship Faculty Award for his work leading the Georgetown Startup Interns (GSI) program.

Connect with Mike on LinkedIn, or via email at Mike Malloy <>.

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