Automation Tools from A to Z Here’s a snapshot of our favorite automation tools! Learn how to run your organization, track various projects, and streamline your scheduling process.'s a

Marketing is the activity or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.  Videos Video 1/6 – The AIDA Model: What It Is and How

Karmic Currency by Sandy Fernandez   You can visit Affirmations for the Seven Chakras to listen to a 7.5 minute guided meditation that explains each of the chakras and affirmations. Chakras and

OKRs are an effective goal-setting and leadership tool for communicating what you want to accomplish and what milestones you’ll need to meet in order to accomplish it. OKRs are used

Value Equation from $100M Offers This video will help you understand the factors in the value that you provide to your customers, such as “time delay” and “perceived likelihood of

Entrepreneurship education has been criticized for failing to articulate concepts and skills students need to promote career readiness and success. We address this criticism by elaborating a competency-based approach to

Captain Class: The Hidden Force That Creates the World's Greatest Teams by Sam Walker Bryant Wolf recommended this book to me in November 2019, and Bryant's 4 takeaways are: It's

Pricing Sensitivity, Strategy, and Tactics Most people underprice because they misunderstand price sensitivity. Buying decisions are primarily about whether or not something is worth spending ANY money for – not

Examining a Community-Centered Approach to Entrepreneurship Education and Providing a Blueprint for Future Programs by UConn Presented By Jennifer Mathieu, Rory McGloin, Michaela Hartl, and Alycia Chrosniak Build partnerships with existing companies in the

Here are 7 best practices to consider as a fractional executive: Understand the Company: Take the time to fully understand the company's culture, values, goals, and objectives. This will help

Introduction: The concept of a fractional executive is revolutionizing how companies approach leadership and expertise. These seasoned professionals offer their skills and knowledge on a part-time basis, providing businesses with

35-step Scribe SOP to copy Eventbrite event to publish a new Malloy Industries Masterclass. 

What's a Fractional Sales Executive? How does this fractional sales management model leverage expert, part-time sales leadership to drive revenue growth?

Learn how to invest in leverage lists. Actions from leverage lists continue working for you after completion. That's why leverage lists are valuable time assets!    Here’s a method

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