These case studies highlight examples of impactful work that the Malloy Industries Consulting Group has delivered for clients. Please contact if you want to achieve similar results.

Examining a Community-Centered Approach to Entrepreneurship Education and Providing a Blueprint for Future Programs by UConn Presented By Jennifer Mathieu, Rory McGloin, Michaela Hartl, and Alycia Chrosniak Build partnerships with existing companies in the

Learn how the ABC Model Scorecard can help you identify which tasks are (A) irritating, (B) okay, or (C) fascinating and motivating. You'll assess what % of the time you

What I Learned Listening To What I Learned Losing $1,000,000 by Jim Paul and Brendan Moynihan Investor > Trader > Speculator > Gambler > Better A better bets on the outcome of

Prof Malloy asked several friends for any college freshman investing advice they would give to a college freshman who is interested in learning about the basics of investing. Here are

So, you are considering going back to school to get your MBA. Let me share my experiences with grad school. I worked for Deloitte Consulting in DC for four years

Informational interviews help you build relationships with professionals with your dream career and learn from their experiences. Informational interviews are your recipe for getting the recipe for the life you

Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl   “He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how.” – Nietzsche I forced my thoughts to turn

Your emotional, physical, & spiritual well-being as an intern is vital to your overall job satisfaction and happiness in life.  Videos You need to watch each video in its entirety.

The Preparation Checklist is the most powerful tool in the toolbox to prepare for negotiations and crucial conversations.  If you are negotiating an important contract, new job offer, or annual