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So, you are considering going back to school to get your MBA.

Let me share my experiences with grad school. I worked for Deloitte Consulting in DC for four years right after finishing my undergrad studies in math and computer science at Boston College. After my first year, I decided I wanted to go to Georgetown to get my M.S. in Computer Science (and play 3 more years of college ultimate frisbee). The most important questions that Deloitte asked me in the process were “what do you want to be able to do in a few years with a master's degree that you can't do now?” and “what are you going to learn in school that you can't learn on the internet?”

Learning how I learn was my biggest takeaway from grad school.

What do you want to learn?

Here are some resources and advice to reflect upon before you invest tens of thousands of dollars into an MBA program.

First, you can invest less than 1 hour into reading The 45-Minute MBA, which was written by my old business coach, Scott Mackes. It's a gem and taught me so much because I never got my MBA and was absent when they taught the basics of finance and accounting. Scroll down to read it.

The Tiny MBA by Alex Hillman, is full of short, easy to digest insights about business that you may or may not learn in an actual MBA program. Scroll down to read it.

Attempting to give is a stellar blog post from which I highly recommend as one of my favorite blogs with daily learnings he shares as a product manager at LinkedIn.

Seth Godin also has a great post On getting a fancy MBA…

Here's a good resource on getting the most out of your MBA experience from my undergrad alma mater, Boston College.

Last and most satirically, McSweeny's quiz: Do you want to go to grad school, or do you just need a snack?

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