Learn how to leverage LinkedIn to build and nurture your professional network by connecting and adding value to your colleagues.


Video 1/3 – How To Make A LinkedIn Profile For College Students

Video 2/3 – Simple LinkedIn Hack for Students

Video 3/3 – The Dos and Don'ts of LinkedIn for College Students and Beginners

 Required Readings

  1. How to Use LinkedIn as a College Student
  2. 7 LinkedIn Tips for University Students (Plus Bonus LinkedIn Hacks)


  1. Justin Welsh's LinkedIn Operating System course is worth 100X the $150 investment to learn from the LinkedIn guru who shares his entire playbook for building his brand and solopreneur businesses on LinkedIn
  2. LinkedIn Operating System Resources to Grow and Monetize Template are explained in detail in Justin Welsh's course
  3. LinkedIn Swipe File from Justin Welsh with his 50 most engaging LinkedIn posts
  4. Building a Great Student Profile


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  3. Complete the Content Strategy for LinkedIn 1-Hour Course ($97, but you can use discount code HOYAS to get it for $12)
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