Verbal Judo

Verbal Judo: The Gentle Art of Persuasion

By George J. Thompson

Verbal Judo is the Gentle Art of gaining voluntary compliance through empathetic persuasion.

Empathy = To see through the eyes of another

EAT = Empathy Absorbs Tension

5 Things All People Have In Common

  1. All people want to be respected and treated with dignity in all situations.
  2. All people would rather be asked than told what to do. To ask is a sign of respect.
  3. All people want to know why they are being asked or told to do something.
  4. All people would rather have options than threats.
  5. All people want a second chance to make matters right.

Verbal Judo’s ultimate goal = redirect their energy to achieve voluntary compliance

If you can see how learning that skill will improve your relationships and life, then you are a motivated student.

5 Step Hard Style

  1. Ask. Ethical appeal
  2. Set context. Reasonable/logical appeal
  3. Present options. Personal appeal
  4. Confirm. Practical appeal
  5. Act. Is there anything I can do or say at this time to earn your cooperation? I’d sure like to think there is…

Strip Phrases make you feel good because it's a tactical response

‘Ppreciate it. O'yess! Understan' that sir, and I he'r ya ma'am

I g't that, but I belie'e that, but th'as a fact…

Springboard focus technique prior to “but” and then only words that serve you after “but”

Dis-empower them and sound good to others because it allows you to maintain your professional presence.

Calm is contagious. It's going to be alright. I'm working on it.

Look good. Sound good. Do good.

Enemies Teaching from Indian Guide

First, always define. Then name them. Then you will own them.

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