Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

by Kamal Ravikant


10 breaths are the central practice, keystone habit, and thesis from this book to teach you how to love yourself.

Breathe in “I love myself” and light from above.

Breath out anything without judgement.

Repeat 10 times.

I love myself. I Love myself. I Love Myself. I LOVE Myself. I LOVE MYSELF. I love myself. I Love myself. I Love Myself. I LOVE Myself. I LOVE MYSELF.

Four steps to loving yourself

  1. Mental Loop
  2. Meditation
  3. Mirror
  4. Questions


I vow to love myself, truly, madly, and deeply. [note: This is the initial vow. There's a longer version at the end after you have begun this practice.]

Read the vow daily to deepen the groove.

You must forgive yourself in order to truly, madly, and deeply love yourself. Do this exercise to forgive yourself by writing down all the things you’ve held against yourself, and then destroy (i.e., burn, throw into the ocean, shred, etc.) the paper.

Every moment is an opportunity to commit to loving yourself. [note: Upholders and Questioners love self-commitments]


1. Mental Loop: I love myself + feeling

The mental loop of loving yourself serves as a “rag to clean your cloudy window and let light in.”

Don’t listen to your fears because fears are like hallucinating snakes that you can see through.

Practice mental discipline to create new groove aka neural pathway. Start the groove. Then dig mental groove deeper each day. Water will flow.

Shift from negative loop to love yourself loop. Learn to recognize when you are in a negative loop, so you can practice 10 breaths of love.


2. Meditation

Meditate with instrumental, special music, that you only listen to when meditating.

Make meditation an anchor in your day.

Make it a part of your minimum acceptable day.

When meditating, music becomes the anchor to return to as your mind wanders.

Great part of meditation is that insights come…

Light heals.

Light transforms.


3. Mirror: I LOVE MYSELF

Put your face in front of the mirror.

Stare into your eyes.

Repeat “I LOVE Myself.”


4. Questions

Asking and answering questions makes you proactive instead of reactive.

Ask “If I loved myself truly, madly, and deeply, would I let myself experience this?”

Ask “If I loved myself truly, madly, and deeply, what would I do?”

Ask “Am I in light or darkness?”

The question serves as a light switch, so flip it!


Breathe in light. Breathe out gratitude.

I love myself. Thank you.


Create Love Yourself Rituals

Define a line in the sand for your minimum acceptable day of loving yourself.

Forgive yourself. Make your vow to love yourself. Do the practice. All from the inside out.

Love each piece of your childhood trauma and control dramas. Give love to yourselves across time, space, and energy.

Parachute: God loves me, and I am worthy of love. In case of emergency, pull your parachute to feel God's love and remember you are worthy of love.

If it scares you, then there is magic on the other side. Love yourself and step through your personal hallucinated snakes.

What you expect, you attract and receive. Expect magic and feel grateful for it in advance.

Shine brilliantly.

Hear ye, hear ye, I hereby decree that I will be the greatest ME!


Return to your present when pain in your head is past or future.

Hand on your heart and say “I return to this.” “I return to me.” “I love myself.”

Repeat one or all three as many times as need to feel calm.

One day at a time, honey.

Your inner child needs to know that it can trust you. You can trust me.

Transformation takes work.

“If I give you my word to get something done. It gets done.” – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson


Map to Magic

Life happens to me. (victim) A

Life happens for me. (good) B

Life happens through me. (flow) C

This practice serves as a map from A to B to C to find magic.

Adults have two choices: victim or hero. Which are you going to choose today?


No what ifs.

Stop asking yourself any question about the past and what if. What if is poison.

The truth is this: what is.

Who are you going to be today? You will strive for excellence in your thoughts today. You are more powerful than your illusion.

A wise monk once said, “to find peace, say yes to all that happens.” Trust life. Just lift the weight.

Choose to come from a place of power.

Inhale love for yourself. Exhale the toxic carbon dioxide of your mind.

Burn into the Phoenix. Go all in. Be Excellent.


What would the Rock do?

Excellence does not coast. You do not coast.

The only thing that is real is what is.

My greatest strength is my belief in the power of commitment. Upholder.


Light opens me.

Light heals me.

Light frees me.

Be in the light and trust life.

All I have to do is receive light.

Why light?

Light is life.

Ask any plant.

The mind can only hold one thought at a time. Repeat thought with emotion and you reinforce the thought (deepen the groove) and increase the probability that it will return. Your future thoughts are up to you. Make the groove and deepen it each day. I love myself. You are laying the tracks down for them in this moment.

Where the head goes, the body flows. And vice versa. A solution here.

When feel anger or despair, return to 10 breaths. Love is what is.


Who wants to just endure life?

Philosophy in one word: IMPROVE

If you want to see anyone’s philosophy, then look at their life.

We are all living our philosophy.

Our life is the result.

If people doubt you, just be excellent.

Sometimes, what you think is the worst thing that happened to you turns out to be the best thing that ever did. Heartbreak must happen. Loss must happen.

When something comes into your mind, ask yourself, “Is this fear or love?” If fear, it’s not real. Not useful. Hallucinated snake. Let it go. If love, then apply. When you love yourself, life loves you too.

I will love myself because I am worthy of my own love.

“Humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” – Pascal

When experiencing heartbreak, find places to see love (movies, music, family, friends, pets, etc.). Find love.

Give each other love.

Remember life begins from inside out.

If I loved myself truly, madly, and deeply, who would I be? I would be excellent.

What would this require? Loving myself fiercely.

Thoughts and emotions are the foundation to plant new seeds.

Loving yourself is power.

Shift to light every moment you can.

Everyone knows pain in different ways.

Pain is fundamental part of the human experience.

I am a human being. Therefore, nothing human is foreign to me.

Go live great.


Your subconscious meets you where you are. Need to reinforce whatever healing experience you have to make it a constant practice. Fold it into one practice that covers everything. LOVE.

I forgive myself for…[time to write another note for everything you are forgiving yourself for and then destroy the note]

I forgive myself because I LOVE MYSELF.

Greatest prison ever built is in the mind.

You grow and improve, inching closer to light – to the greatest you.

Ask yourself in the morning, “I wonder what good I will experience today?”

It's on its way.

Wayne Dyer never talks about what’s missing in life. He only puts his attention on what he intends to create.

Video: Wayne Dyer – How To Attract Exactly What You Want

Say to yourself, “it’s on its way!”

Act upon your thoughts to collaborate with fate.

With my luck, it will probably show up faster than it normally does!

Anticipate it is going to work out for you, so you think it's going to work out.

Your act upon your thoughts, and you think it will work out because it's on its way.

The Universe begins to conspire with you and you are collaborator with fate.

You can either be a host to God, or a hostage to your ego in every moment of your life.

“I vow to love myself with everything I’ve got, in my thoughts, my actions, my words because I am worthy of deep and full-on LOVE.”

The vow gets stronger over time.

You get stronger over time as you vow to love yourself.

A vow to oneself is a pure and sacred act.

It creates a powerful dent in the universe.

Your vow leads you to greatness.

Whatever I believe is the filter that life shines through.

I inspire healers.

Accept gifts that life offers.

Life is giving LOVE. Always. Accept it.

Pattern of intensity after waking and before sleep to do mental loop of “I love myself.”

During the day, when mind is idle, 10 breaths. Breathe in “I LOVE MYSELF.” Breathe out “Thank You.” Gratitude.


What do you want to do?

Write 15 times, “I, [name], will…”

State what you want, and it will come.

Affirmations focus the mind on what to pay attention to.

You tap into some fabric of reality.

More you fire and wire neural pathways, stronger the pathway, more it fires on its own.

My belief is the magnifying glass that life shines through.

This is what I believe in, and I’m going to live it fully!

If I loved myself truly, madly, and deeply, what would I do?

Fear is the answer to what could go wrong.

Pain is the answer to what is missing.

Consciously ask yourself empowering questions to overcome negative emotions.

What if this is heaven? Live your life like you’re in heaven.

Light opens the lotus flower through muck.

Light is a gift.

The point of life is to accept the gift of light and love.

I love myself.

Thank you.

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