Ignite Your Intuition

21 Rituals to Ignite Your Intuition

by Theresa Cheung


Intuition is Trust in You and Trust in Your Life.

This book recommends 21 rituals for you to add to you morning, daily, and evening routine over the next three weeks. If you add a new one each day, you can experiment to see which rituals have created a positive effect and keep doing them. For example, ritual 5) Think Back was one of the most insightful for me.

Part 1: Awaken Your Intuition – 7 Intuition-Igniting Morning Rituals

1) Forget Your Phone

Unplug your phone on a regular basis. Too much screen time silences your intuition. Don't look at your phone for the first 60 minutes of your morning.

2) Eyes Wide Shut

Make dream recall a priority. Your intuition sends you powerful messages in your dreams. Keep a journal and pen by your bed to write down your dreams before you get up in the morning.

3) Strike a Pose

Your intuition responds to confidence, so set a confident tone by stretching big as soon as you get up in the morning. Stretch out fully under the covers before you stand up to start your day.

4) Take Two

Find two minutes (or more) for quiet reflective time in the morning to give your intuition a launching pad for the day ahead.

5) Think Back

Visualize everything that happened yesterday in reverse order. Start with getting ready for bed, reading, dinner, commute home, after meetings, lunch, morning work, commute to work, morning routine, and all the way back to yesterday morning when you visualized the previous day as you awoke. This thinking backward exercise will ignite creative, non-rational part of your brain where intuition lives.

6) Shower Insights

When you shower and let your mind wander, you may find that you feel calm and comforted and in this relaxed state intuitive insight is more likely. You may find that ritualizing your morning shower sets the tone for the rest of the day. It is easier to listen to the intuitive messages your body and your feelings are constantly sending you. My shower ritual involves saying four affirmations “I feel happy. I feel healthy. I feel terrific. I feel loved.” and then jumping into a cold shower at approximately 57 F. The combination of serotonin and oxytocin that my brain releases when I feel loved (while visualizing my dad's love for me) along with the freezing cold water provides a full body awakening.

7) Tooth Time

Turn brushing your teeth into a mindfulness exercise that can help you tune into your intuition.

Part 2: Develop Your Intuition – 7 Intuition-Igniting Daily Rituals

8) Follow Your Gut

Intuition speaks to you through your body and the importance of paying attention to physical signals.

9) Look Again

Intuitive people are highly observant people. You notice what is going on around you and within you. Spend time looking more deeply into your experiences.

10) Create Space

Intuition and creativity are highly compatible. Developing your creativity develops your intuition and vice versa.

11) Sail Away

Intuitive insights often come during moments of solitude, so savor your time alone. Let your mind wander as you day dream.

12) Wear Different Shoes

Empathy for those around you inspires and informs your intuition. View each situation from the other person's perspective and empathize with their environment.

13) Turn Over the Page

The power of words and the associations you make from them can ignite your intuition. Ask yourself or the universe a question, and then open a book to random page and read the first passage. See if you can connect the reading to what you are seeking.

14) Flip a coin

Make a decision based on your intuitive response to the flip of a coin. When it comes up heads, are you excited by the result, or do you feel a knot in your stomach. If you intuition tells you to select the tails option, then do it.

Part 3: Release Your Intuition – 7 Intuition-Igniting Evening Rituals

15) Write It Up

Writing down your reflections is a tried-and-tested way to ignite your intuition.

16) Let Go of Negatives

Understanding how negativity silences intuition.

17) Let Go of Positives

Understanding how wishful thinking can override intuition.

18) In Hindsight

Hindsight can be a potent intuition-igniter.

19) Down Time

The importance of doing nothing for intuitive insight to appear.

20) Let's Shake Hands

Acknowledging and trusting your intuition with a symbolic visualized handshake.

21) Live and Die Another Day

The intuition-igniting power of ritualizing the act of falling sleep. It's time for rest, and you can let everything go until the next day.

Breathe in and say “let.” Breathe out and say “go.”

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