3 R's of Habit Formation

Aristotle taught us that you are what you repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit. You need positive habits for success.


You need to watch each video in its entirety.

Video 1/3 – Habits

Video 2/3 – How to Wake Up Early

Video 3/3 – How to Make Coffee

 Required Readings

  1. Why Silicon Valley Needs Jesuit Values
  2. 14 Rare Habits That Will Transform Your Life in 6 Months
  3. 21 Tiny Habits That Will Transform Your Life in 6 Months
  4. Why We Need Rituals, Not Routines
  5. Minimum Acceptable Day – Don’t Break the Chain – The Seinfeld Strategy
  6. What Having a Growth Mindset Actually Means
  7. Book Report – Atomic Habits
  8. Flow State: How to trigger the best performance of your life


  1. Habits Slides – for your reference from the video
  2. Habit Tracker – iPhone app to help you build good habits & reach your goals

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