Global Consortium of Eship Centers (GCEC) 2022 Resources

The Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (GCEC) is the premier academic organization addressing emerging topics of importance to university-based entrepreneurship programs around the world.

At the GCEC 2022 conference, Prof Mike Malloy presented the Startup Internship Seminar and Automation Tools to give an overview and lessons learned from the program created at Georgetown University to teach students “how to not suck as an intern” with asynchronous real‑world skills-building modules combined with a part‑time internship at a startup or growth-stage company. The presentation highlighted several automation tools featured below that you can use to scale your programs and reach more students.

We have compiled several resources from the conference, including presentation slides, session notes, startup internship seminar training modules, automation software tool recommendations, and Loom videos/Scribe SOPs to demonstrate how to get started with Airtable. You can click on any of the resource links from Airtable below to learn more.

Thanks to the magic of Airtable, you can upload any GCEC resources via this form, and it will instantly be published below to share with attendees 🙂

Please email Mike Malloy <> if you have any questions or are interested in licensing the entire startup internship curriculum to train your student interns.

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