Finance Cheat Sheet

Finance Cheat Sheet

This finance cheat sheet is the most useful resource we’ve found on the internet in 2023! We recommend it be required reading for you and everyone you work with because it’s like a finance textbook on one page. Inside you can find:

  • 90+ KPIs
    • Accounting KPIs
    • Cash KPIs
    • Balance Sheet KPIs
    • SaaS KPIs
    • Capex KPIs
    • CEO KPIs
    • Headcount KPIs
    • Manufacturing KPIs
    • Inventory KPIs
  • Finance Organization Chart
  • FP&A Methods & Skills
  • Financial terms explained to non-finance people
  • How to reduce costs
  • Cash conversion cycle
  • Budget process
  • PVM Analysis
  • Valuation techniques


Click HERE to download the PDF.

This resource is brought to you by Nicholas Boucher

Nicholas Boucher is a finance thought leader that has trained more than 300 people and is on a mission to help more than 1 million finance professionals. He currently works at Thales where he has a senior manager controlling role for the transportation business, the most important activity of Thales Germany. In his career, he has lived in 5 different countries across 3 different continents (France, USA, Luxembourg, Singapore, and Germany) which has given him the capacity to integrate himself quickly and understand different local and working cultures. Nicholas is a fast learner, easy to connect with, and a strong believer in managing by example. His primary focus is to stay up to date with the recent trends and developing himself.

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