Emails and Voicemails

Emails and Voicemails
Your ability to communicate via email and voicemails in professional settings will enable you to add value to your organization and shuffle up in your career.


You need to watch each video in its entirety.
Video 1/2 – Emails
Video 2/2 – Voicemails

 Required Readings

  1. How to Write a Professional Email
  2. How to Write a Professional Business Email
  3. Email Checklist
  4. How to Send a Personal Email
  5. How to End an Email Message with Closing Examples


  1. Emails Slides – for your reference from the video
  2. Email Templates
  3. 8 Sales Email Templates
  4. 89 Ways to Sign Off on an Email
  5. Voicemails Slides – for your reference from the video

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