Customer Discovery

Customer discovery is the first phase of conducting research on a new idea, product, or service. Resources that can be helpful at this stage:

Customer Discovery Interview Script Template make a copy of this to build out your list of questions for individuals

The Ultimate List of Customer Discovery Questions has lots to choose from that you can tailor to your specific business idea

Weekly Plan for INAF283 Social Entrepreneurship contains all my lecture slides and videos from class, and you want to focus on weeks 3 and 4 with related resources to read/watch on the Readings tab

Mastering Customer Interviews For Entrepreneurs: The Fastest Way To Great Customer Feedback by John Jabara is $9.99 for eBook that will teach you the ins and outs of customer discovery interviews. I've read it 8 times because it only takes 30ish minutes on your phone and great for every new idea to think about what questions to ask. The author is also my boss/co-founder at University Startups where we teach high school students social entrepreneurship

Part of the customer discovery process is building a business model canvas:

Intro to Business Model Canvas Slides to see what I teach my students and get a basic overview + google to learn more about what to put into each of the 9 quadrants

Business Model Canvas Google Slides Template make a copy of this and change security so anyone with the link can view it because it will be a useful deliverable that you can share with inner circle advisors and any potential investors you talk to for them to quickly visualize your idea and give feedback on your hypotheses in one or more of the quadrants – your goal with the customer discovery interviews is to (in)validate your hypotheses on each of the yellow sticky notes

Building Blocks of Business Model Canvas provides an overview of each of the nine quadrants along with a series of questions to ask yourself when filling it in

Example Malloy Industries Consulting Business Model Canvas to see what my business model canvas looks like

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