Crowdfunding Toolkit

The Crowdfunding Toolkit will equip you with all the templates and guidance you need to prepare to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Malloy Industries has helped dozens of companies raise several hundred thousand dollars using this crowdfunding toolkit.

You can make copies of everything in the crowdfunding toolkit to set yourself up for success.

Crowdfunding Toolkit from Malloy Industries

Successful campaigns

Tiered Contact Lists

  • Tier 1 – Key influencers, large network, high net worth, focus on referrals with individual emails
  • Tier 2 – Friends and family who have supported you on the journey, focus on pre-commit on Day One of the campaign with individual emails
  • Tier 3 – Every other person you have ever met, focus on getting engagement with mass BCC emails

Crowdfunding Toolkit Best Practices

  • Secure pre-commits prior to launching
  • Focus on huge Day One with momentum
  • 45-day campaign
  • Start on a Tuesday
  • End on a Friday
  • Set a low goal and reach it quickly
  • Build momentum toward stretch goals
  • Video is the most important feature
  • Update emails weekly to engage supporters
  • Create shareable social media content for supporters
  • Google Docs are your best friend
  • Email templates for Pre-commit Asks
  • Campaign Supporter posts to copy and paste
  • Click to Tweet links
  • Social sharing page for supporters to get all the text needed to share, share, share!
  • Press Outreach List
  • Create a BUFFER for production and fulfillment
  • Transparency to backers about the supply chain
  • Share photo updates of production/packaging
  • Hire 3rd party logistics company

Watch this Crowdfunding and Bootstrapping training that was delivered to Georgetown Sardinian students and reference these slides.

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