Clarify Your Ideal Client Profile

Instructions: Click here to make a copy of the worksheet. Fill in each of the blanks to clarify your Ideal Client Profile. Update the sharing settings, so anyone with the link can edit or view it to share with colleagues. Click here to see a completed example. Idea Citation: Josh Spector

Fill in the blanks on each of these sentences…

  1. I don't want to serve people who don't care about _____.
  2. Most of my competitors focus on _____, but my approach/product is different because _____.
  3. I don't want to serve people who aren't willing to _____.
  4. I don't want to serve people who think in order to get _____, you need to _____.
  5. Of all the _____ I could serve, the ones I can best help are the ones who do/want _____ and _____.
  6. I want to serve people who appreciate _____.
  7. I don't want to serve people who are really just in it for _____.
  8. I don't want to serve people who only want to get _____ for _____ reason.
  9. I want to help people whose biggest struggle is _____.
  10. My favorite customer to help has been _____ because _____.


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