Build Trust

Business moves at the speed of trust.” – Stephen Covey

We have learned that trust is the single most important factor in building personal and professional relationships. Trust is the glue that binds followers and leaders together. Trust implies accountability, predictability, and reliability. Trust must be built day by day because it calls for consistency. It is the leader's responsibility to actively develop trust in them from the people around them.

T – Time – Take time to listen and give feedback on performance

R – Respect – Give someone respect, and they will return it with trust

U – Unconditional Positive Regard – Show acceptance of the person

S – Sensitivity – Anticipate the feelings and needs of the potential leader

T – Touch – Give encouragement with appropriate physical touches like a handshake, high five, or pat on the back


13 Behaviors of High Trust Leaders

13 Behaviors of High Trust Leaders

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