Brand Narratives to Attract Talent and Funding

Great brands are not an accident — they're built early and by design. Yet, storytelling and branding are two often misunderstood elements of building a great company. A well-crafted brand helps its founder across three main categories: hiring a great team, raising money, and building partnerships. An early-stage brand not only provides you tools to connect with others on a deeper level, but also a framework to help replicate those connections as you scale.

Learn about the timing, reasons, and impact of building a technology brand from Ben Paxman and Anna Bogdanova of Wunderdogs – a brand and strategy consultancy to high-growth technology companies who helped raise over $400M in early-stage capital and create millions in value for early- and growth-stage startups.


Wunderdogs is founded by former early-stage VCs. Wunderdogs' clients include early-stage companies in B2B and frontier tech: Enveda Biosciences ($51M in Series A), Think Bio ($17M in Series A), Candidly ($10M in Series A1), Aza ($20M in Series B), Saltbox ($10.6M in Series A), Near Space Labs ($13M in Series A), Miga Health ($12M in seed) and others.



You can email and visit their website to learn more about the ways they can help your brand.

Connect on LinkedIn with the presenters Ben Paxman and Anna Bogdanova.

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