Marouane El Ourak

10 Pïllars of Life

The DOORS Framework: Achieve Greater Fitness, Happiness, and Satisfaction

Introduction Achieving comprehensive wellness is often reduced to physical health alone. However, true wellness encompasses much more. The DOORS Framework is an integrative approach that includes physical, emotional, mental, and financial well-being, along with strong social connections. This guide explores how you can define and achieve success in all areas of your life, ensuring a balanced and fulfilling existence. What’s The DOORS Framework? The DOORS Framework (Definition, Objectives, Obstacles, Routines, Socialization) offers a structured approach to exploring and enhancing every facet of your life. By applying these principles, you can achieve a level of fitness that transcends the physical and includes

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What is a Fractional Executive? Here Is Why You Should Hire One!

Introduction: The concept of a fractional executive is revolutionizing how companies approach leadership and expertise. These seasoned professionals offer their skills and knowledge on a part-time basis, providing businesses with the executive prowess they need without the full-time commitment. This modern solution is especially beneficial for B2B SaaS companies and tech startups aiming to scale efficiently. Engaging a fractional executive streamlines the hiring process and vetting process, making it easier to grow your business. By tapping into a pool of experienced leaders, companies can overcome challenges such as unpredictable revenue and inefficient sales processes, thereby accelerating growth without the overhead

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