Anger is a powerful emotion that can impact our ability to think 🧠 🔥

Alleviate Your Anger with These Healthy Methods

You can excuse yourself from the situation.

You can increase the space between stimulus and response.

You can go into another room and scream into a pillow.

You can diffuse anger by accepting that which you cannot control because the opposite of control is acceptance.

You can label the thought to disarm it by saying to yourself “I am having the thought that I am angry.”

You can move your body to release anger by going for a walk or bouncing up and down.

You can take 10 deep breaths to release anger, and it helps to literally say or think “release” as a mantra on each exhale and make an audible noise exhaling it out of your body.

You can write about what you request, need, or want that would make you not angry, and then it’s usually best to not share your first draft.

When anger is in you, you need to get it out in a healthy way.

Always remember to do no harm when you are angry.

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