24 Hiring Tips For Entrepreneurs

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Here are 24 Hiring Tips For Entrepreneurs…

1. Resumes can include references and they are better than nothing. However, they can be mostly lies in print. Have people send you a letter and video instead.

2. Be clear about what you want and what you don’t want.

3. You can’t train integrity. They either have it, or they don’t.

4. Hire slow and fire fast.

5. Birds of a feather flock together. If you know a total badass, ask them who they know like them.

6. The best people I’ve ever gotten have been through word of mouth and through referrals.

7. If you want the best people to hear about you, you have to have something worth talking about.

8. Do a Kolbe (www.Kolbe.com) on yourself first to find your mode of operation (M.O.). Then, use Kolbe for hiring.

9. If your Kolbe results say you initiate with Quick Start, make sure you have people with high Follow Thru around you that can execute.

10. You can always train skills, but not necessarily attitude. Attitudinal alignment is crucial.

11. If you’re a marketing company, don’t put anyone in an important position if they don’t have experience with marketing. And, more importantly, have a deep respect for marketing.

12. Treat your hiring like marketing. Utilize all the direct response elements and thinking involved with marketing.

13. Rock stars aren’t out there looking for a job; they are already somewhere. The best people don’t need a job. Have a compelling offer to be attractive to them.

14. Create a control piece for hiring people into your company.

15. If you are an A.D.D Entrepreneur, make sure you have people around you that have a surplus of attention.

16. Look for Innovation Managers; not Project Managers.

17. Surround yourself with awesome people that genuinely care about your clients.

18. Years ago I interviewed a hiring expert named Barry Shamis. He had a great line he shared with me: “An employee is a behavioral rental agreement.” When people hire you and/or your company, you are a behavioral rental agreement too.

19. My dear friend Dan Sullivan says, “Don’t look at employees as a cost; they are an investment.” Yes, there can be bad investments, but it is still an investment.

20. If the person you hire doesn’t make you money, save you money and/or reduce your stress… re-evaluate the investment.

21. Dan Sullivan says, “If you have enough money to solve a problem, you don’t have a problem.” So if you can cut a check to solve your hiring problem, do it.

22. Make a ‘Not To Do’ List. Then, if anything on that list is important enough, hire someone to do it. As Peter Drucker said, “There is nothing so useless as doing that which should not be done at all.”

23. Liberate yourself from doing activities you may be good at, but drives you nuts.

24. If you are no good at hiring people, find the right person to handle hiring for you


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