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The best referrals are CEOs of B2B SaaS companies that are growing their team and need their sales revenue to scale up.

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Hey! How's your business doing? Malloy Industries gives big sales boosts to B2B SaaS businesses. Their approach with fractional executives could be a game-changer for you. Check it out: https://malloyindustries.com

Hi <CEO's Name>,

Is the constant sales grind draining your energy and hindering your company's growth?

Malloy Industries leverages fractional executives to make more money for CEOs and reduce the sales burden on their shoulders.

They're working wonders for companies like yours to help them grow.

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Are you interested in improving your sales performance and growing your revenue?

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Malloy Industries helps B2B SaaS CEOs succeed by making more money in the next quarter without spending so much of their time, energy, and effort on sales. They've got over 60 satisfied clients.

Malloy Industries has a vetted network of fractional executives that excel at increasing the likelihood of success, valuation, and exit multiples for growth-stage B2B SaaS companies.

Check out this article to learn more:

Fractional Sales Executives for Revenue Growth

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Hey guys, if B2B sales aren’t your strong suit, check out Malloy Industries because they’ve helped a lot of CEOs to make more money. You can email my friend Mike Malloy <mike@malloyindustries.com> to learn more about their fractional executives.

Less sales struggles, more revenue growth – that's the Malloy Industries mantra. They’re leading the way B2B SaaS CEOs approach sales with expert fractional executives. Check it out to boost your sales: https://malloyindustries.com

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We will follow up promptly to learn more about their business needs and schedule a meeting to see if we can help.

If it's a good fit, we will schedule a product demo meeting with the best fractional executive to serve them and scope a project together.

Most new clients urgently need to get started in 2-4 weeks on a 3-12 month project together for $5k-$20k/month.

We will keep you posted throughout the process.

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