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04/04/2020 – Malloy’s Musings on Zoom, Hibernation Life, Books, and Dad Jokes

05/03/2020 – Malloy’s Musings on Indoor Activities, New Content to Consume, Remote Bingo, and Dad Jokes

06/06/2020 – Malloy’s Musings on Zoom Cats, Fresh Content, Shopping Carts, Dad Jokes, and Backcasting

06/28/2020 – Malloy’s Musings on Allyship, Black Founder Highlights, New Content, and Dad Jokes

08/08/2020 – Malloy’s Musings on Additional Income August, Polymaths, Good Choices, and What does “L.L.” Bean stand for?

09/27/2020 – Malloy’s Musings on Birthdays, Cashflow Quadrants, and Emotional Equations

11/22/2020 – Malloy’s Musings on Matthew McConaughey, Joy Triggers, and Dad Jokes

12/27/2020 – Malloy’s Musings on Holiday Humor, KFC/Lifetime Mini-Movies, and Loving Yourself

02/16/2021 – Malloy’s Musings on Productivity, Vision Boards, and Needlepoint

03/28/2021 – Malloy’s Musings on Ted Lasso ⚽, Humor Typology, Spring Break, and Summer Internships

05/31/2021 – Malloy’s Musings on Doing Anything, Disney+, Different Dad Jokes, and ReadItFor.Me

08/19/2021 – Malloy’s Musings on Summer Transitions, Mind Patterns, and 5 Apology Languages

12/09/2021 – Malloy’s Musings on Motherly Love, Grief, and Holiday Books

03/31/2022 – Malloy’s Musings on a New Baby, New Business, and New Jokes

10/02/2022 – Malloy’s Musings on Max Michael Malloy, Masterclasses, and Official Dad Jokes

12/12/2022 – Malloy’s Musings on Holiday Gifts, Tranquility, and Dad Jokes

03/25/2023 – Malloy’s Musings on Hilarious Puns, Happiness Expectations, and GrowthDay

07/27/2023 – Malloy’s Musings on Swim Lessons, 🌈 Rainbows, Emotions, and Transformation Week

12/17/2023 – Malloy’s Musings on Book Gifts, Annual Reflection, and Daily Dad Jokes