Transform Your Sales Pipeline with Qualified Lead Generation

Let our trained and certified Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) fill your calendar with high-quality sales meetings, so you can focus on closing deals and growing your business.

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Struggling to Keep Your Pipeline Full?

You & your sales team are overwhelmed with building and qualifying lead lists instead of focusing on closing deals.

The countless hours spent on cold calling and emailing yield minimal results, leading to frustration and burnout.

This pressure distracts you & your team from your core activities and causes your sales pipeline to run dry.

Inconsistent lead generation efforts can lead to missed opportunities and lost revenue.

Without a steady stream of qualified leads, your sales team will struggle to meet targets and quotas.

The inefficiency in lead generation consumes valuable time, effort, and resources, severely impacting your business growth.

You might have already noticed this problem but you thought…

High turnover in Sales Development Rep (SDR) roles can disrupt your sales process and lead to additional problems.

Your experience doesn't have to be like this…

Women frustreted at having to take sales calls to convert leads so she now is considering an SDR service

How Does our Expert SDR Service Work?

Normally, your sales team has to manage every stage of the sales process: list building, outbound prospecting, lead qualification, scheduling next steps, product demos, negotiation, closing deals, and account management to maintain relationships. This comprehensive approach can be overwhelming and detract from their primary goal—closing deals.

With our Qualified Lead Generation service, we take half of that work off your hands. Here’s how it works:

List Building

Our SDRs start by sourcing prospects within your Ideal Client Profile. This involves researching and compiling targeted lists of potential customers who are most likely to benefit from your product or service. By focusing on the right prospects from the beginning, we ensure that your outreach efforts are more efficient and effective.

Outbound Prospecting

Next, our SDRs contact and follow up with these prospects using a multi-channel approach, including phone calls, emails, and social media interactions. Each SDR makes over 200 calls per day, maximizing the number of potential leads reached. This proactive engagement helps to establish initial contact and build relationships with potential customers.

Lead Qualifying

After initial contact, our SDRs determine if a prospect is a good fit for your company's offering. Using a personalized sales playbook, phone scripts, and objection handling guides, we assess the prospect’s needs and potential interest. This step ensures that only qualified leads are moved forward in the sales process, saving your team time and effort.

Next Step Scheduling

Finally, our SDRs will schedule meetings for each qualified prospect with you & your sales team. This step includes coordination and confirmation of meeting details to streamline the process for both parties.

How Do We Deliver?

Let Us Handle the Heavy Lifting for You and Your Team

At Malloy Industries, we empower you and your team to excel by taking on the critical tasks of lead generation. With our expert SDRs, customized strategies, dedicated management, and regular updates, we ensure that you can focus on closing deals and driving your business forward. Here's how we support your success:



Our Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) are highly trained and certified in lead generation. They specialize in sourcing and qualifying leads, ensuring you and your team only engage with the most promising prospects



We create a personalized sales playbook tailored to your business needs, including phone scripts, objection handling guides, and email sequences. This ensures that every interaction aligns with your brand and sales strategy.



You’ll have the support of a dedicated Client Success Manager and Sales Development Manager who will oversee the SDRs and ensure alignment with your goals. They provide strategic guidance and handle any issues that arise, so you and your team don't have to.



We hold weekly partnership meetings to review progress, discuss results, and adjust strategies as needed. This ensures continuous improvement and keeps your lead generation efforts on track.

We've Mastered the Process So You Don’t Have To

Ensure a Steady Flow of Qualified Leads

Maximize your sales potential and streamline your process with our Qualified Lead Generation service. Focus on closing deals while we handle the rest. Here's what you get:

Qualified Lead Generation

Let's TalkSDR Service
  • Certified SDRs performing +200 calls a day
  • Custom Sales Playbook
  • Custom Phone Scripts
  • Custom Email Cadences & Sequences
  • A Weekly Partnership Meeting
  • Custom-built Database
  • Phone Dialer & Email Outreach Platform
  • Key Performance Indicators & Reporting
  • Call Recording & Review Sessions
  • Website Lead Tracking Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure if this is the right thing for you? Check out these questions or book a free call above and we'll answer all your questions.

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How do you qualify a lead?

Our lead qualification process involves a comprehensive 3-week onboarding program:

  1. Ideal Client Profile Exercise: We work with your team to define and pull the data for your Ideal Client Profile.
  2. Data Sharing: We share the data with you to ensure it targets exactly who you want.
  3. Alignment: We align with you on the target market and strategy.
  4. Setup: We set up the program based on this aligned strategy.
How are clients performing in this tough environment?
  • Leads and Meetings: 80% of our clients achieve the industry standard of 8-15 leads per month. Meetings set are consistently 8-12 per month.
  • Sales Cycles: Sales cycles are currently longer, taking an additional 30-60 days to close.
  • ROI: Clients typically see ROI in 3-4 months, rather than the first 1-2 months.
  • Support: We ramp up with your team, setting qualified meetings and working towards closing deals.
Can we white label this service to feel native to our company?

Absolutely! Your SDRs will use company email addresses for all communications and can add your company to their LinkedIn profiles, ensuring seamless integration and a professional appearance.

Where does the data and lead lists come from?

We pull lists from trusted sources including, SalesIntel, and ZoomInfo.

What channels do the SDRs use to contact prospects?

Our SDRs use a multi-channel approach, including Phone, Email, and LinkedIn, depending on the campaign structure.

Tell me about a campaign that failed and why?

We worked with a client whose target market was way too small. Going through the Total Addressable Market (TAM) before taking on a client 2 years ago, clients would tell us ZoomInfo data is available. Then we pulled the list and found fewer than 1,000 prospects. With 200 calls per day, the campaign was finished in 1 week. We learned that we must have a big enough market to target.

What happens after the meeting is booked?

Once a meeting is booked, your SDR will hand it off to you to run the meeting and plan the next steps. We recommend all our clients learn to BAMFAM (Book A Meeting From A Meeting). If you need assistance because you didn’t BAMFAM, your SDR can follow up afterward to set up a secondary meeting.

Where are the callers based?

All our callers are based in the US.