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1) Define Your Dream Outcomes

  • Begin with the end in mind to identify your objectives
  • Fill out the form above to get started
  • Get excited about giving us all your sales problems to solve

2) Meet Malloy and Your New Fractional Executive

  • Meet Malloy to confirm we can help you
  • Review a set of 1-3 curated fractional executives, pick your favorite(s) to interview, and select the best fit
  • Agree on the scope of work, budget, and timeline
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3) Raise Your Revenue

  • Your fractional executive is ready to start when you are
  • Introduce your new fractional executive at your next staff meeting, and they can take it from there to collaborate with your colleagues to create value, identify friction in your sales process, and build a more efficient sales funnel
  • Exceed your sales projections and invest in your growth