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Fractional Sales Executives Scale Your Sales, Minimize Overhead

Need top sales expertise but not ready for a full-time hire? Our fractional sales executives deliver the results you want with the flexibility your budget needs. They'll boost your pipeline, help you close more deals, and build scalable sales processes.


Get the Sales Leadership You Need, When You Need It Why Hire a Fractional Sales Executive?

The Cost-Effective Sales Leader

Our fractional sales executive delivers the experience and strategic thinking of a seasoned sales leader without the expense and commitment of a full-time hire. Ideal for CEOs wanting to scale their sales rapidly while maintaining a lean budget.

Your On-Demand Sales Strategist

Your fractional sales executive will provide tailored sales solutions and strategies that adjust with your needs. Perfect for CEOs with fluctuating sales cycles, rapidly evolving markets, or specific project-based sales goals.

Accelerate Results with Proven Expertise

Our fractional sales executive brings a wealth of proven strategies and best practices from diverse industries. Excellent for CEOs seeking a fresh perspective, avoiding costly trial and error, and driving immediate results.

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Fractional Executives

Proven Results Accelerated Growth

Our network of seasoned fractional sales executives delivers the strategies, leadership, and results you need to crush your sales goals.

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Fractional Executives

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Potential Sales Growth

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Businesses Transformed

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Potential Sales Growth

How Does It Work?

Our Matchmaking Blueprint

Stop searching for generic sales solutions. Our custom 3-step blueprint ensures you find the ideal fractional sales executive perfectly aligned with your company’s goals. 

The Assessment

Begin with a comprehensive Sales Scalability Assessment. In this initial 45-minute Zoom call, we delve into your current sales processes, identify gaps, and understand your unique challenges and goals.

The Malloy Match™

Based on the assessment, we curate a selection of three vetted Fractional Sales Executives that align with your company's needs and culture. You receive detailed profiles of these candidates, encompassing their experience and expertise.

The Malloy Way™

After you've conducted interviews with the candidates, we reconvene to discuss your choice. We assist in the final selection process, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your business. If needed, we provide additional matches at no extra cost.

Tired of Inconsistent Results? Our Clients Achieve Success. You Can Too.

We've helped businesses like yours achieve remarkable results, including increased revenue, streamlined sales processes, and empowered sales teams. Let our clients' success stories speak for themselves.

Stop Struggling to Scale Your Sales

Transform Your Sales Results Start with Your Free Assessment

Get ready to scale your sales! Our complimentary Sales Scalability Assessment includes a 45-minute Zoom call where we'll analyze your current processes, pinpoint growth opportunities, and create a customized plan to achieve your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the fractional executive understand our unique challenges?

We specialize in matching you with fractional executives who possess deep industry experience and the expertise to solve your specific challenges. Our rigorous vetting and onboarding process ensures our executives thoroughly understand your business goals and seamlessly integrate with your team.

Will I see results quickly with a fractional executive?

Absolutely. Fractional executives deliver focused expertise and leadership. They hit the ground running, implementing changes and driving results faster than traditional full-time hires. We select executives specifically for their ability to make a rapid, meaningful impact on your business.

How do you ensure the right fit with a fractional executive?

Our bespoke matchmaking process prioritizes both expertise and cultural fit. We have an in-depth understanding of our executives' strengths and your unique needs, enabling us to create successful, long-term partnerships.

What if our needs change after engaging a fractional executive?

The fractional model is built on flexibility. Malloy Industries assists you in adapting the engagement as your needs evolve. Easily scale your fractional executive's involvement up or down to match your priorities, ensuring you only pay for the expertise you need, when you need it.

Are there any hidden costs when hiring a fractional executive?

We believe in complete transparency. Our pricing is clear and upfront, with no hidden fees. You'll know exactly what you're investing in, allowing you to plan effectively and maximize the value of our services.

How does your matchmaking guarantee work?

Our Zero-Risk Matchmaking Guarantee demonstrates our commitment to your success. If the first batch of candidates isn't a perfect fit, the next three are free. And if we still can't find the right match, you'll receive a 105% refund of your matchmaking fee.