Startup Internship Seminar

In the Startup Internship Seminar, Prof. Mike Malloy delivers startup intern training modules to teach you how to not suck while working at startups and growth-stage companies.

Prof. Malloy hand selects topics to inspire students and interns to exceed during their time working in entrepreneurial positions, ranging from remote working practices to delivering on sales strategies.

Fiscal Fitness Bootcamp

If you’re confused about your finances or unhappy with your financial performance, the Fiscal Fitness Bootcamp is for you! Learn how to understand and manage your business finances quickly, easily, and in plain English. We’ll have your financial performance and knowledge super strong in no time!

GrowthCast Founder Judi Otton leads this course designed for small business owners who feel they aren't knowledgeable when it comes to their financials.

The LinkedIn Operating System

Unlock the potential of LinkedIn and accelerate the growth of your personal brand. This is the exact system creator Justin Welsh used to go from zero to 400k+ followers and $3.9M+ in income with zero paid ads.

Justin Welsh is a solopreneur, an early-stage investor & advisor, and content creator. With over 350,000 followers on LinkedIn, Justin has scaled his online presence considerably and has created a platform to share what he has learned.

The Content Operating System

The Content OS is a multi-step system for creating a high-quality newsletter and 6-12 pieces of high-performance social media content each week.

In part 1 of the course you'll learn how to ideate, write, promote, and multiply.

In part 2 of the course, you'll learn how to curate, create, templatize, and distribute.