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Frequently Asked Questions

A fractional sales executive is an experienced sales leader hired on a part-time basis to help companies refine their sales strategies, streamline sales processes, and achieve growth. Fractional Sales Manager, fractional VP of Sales, and fractional Chief Revenue Officer are all examples of a fractional sales executive. This model is particularly beneficial for B2B SaaS companies and tech startups.

The fractional sales model involves hiring seasoned sales executives for a fraction of the time and cost associated with a full-time position. These executives leverage their expertise to drive sales efficiency and growth, offering flexibility and strategic vision.

The primary advantages include access to top-tier sales expertise without the full-time expense, strategic agility in sales processes, and the ability to quickly ramp up or down monthly to adapt to market changes and sales challenges.

Challenges can include ensuring availability and connectivity due to the part-time nature of the role and integrating the fractional executive into an existing sales culture. Malloy Industries addresses these challenges by facilitating active communication and strategic alignment.


Malloy Industries offers matchmaking services that connect businesses with the right fractional sales executives. We focus on enabling clients to unlock their full sales potential, achieve their growth milestones, and maintain competitiveness.


A company should consider this option when facing stagnant growth, inefficiencies in sales processes, or challenges in scaling its sales force, especially if it lacks the resources for a full-time sales executive.


Success and ROI are measured through clear metrics such as sales revenue, deal closure rates, and growth of the sales pipeline. Companies often report significant improvements within the first few quarters of engagement.


A fractional sales manager focuses on day-to-day sales operations and team coaching, while a fractional VP of Sales is responsible for strategic planning, business growth, and aligning sales efforts with company objectives.


Businesses should look for candidates with a proven track record in sales leadership, deep industry knowledge, strategic thinking, adaptability, and the ability to implement effective sales strategies. Malloy Industries provides a vast selection of seasoned sales executives across various fields, each with distinct expertise, ensuring businesses receive precisely what they need for rapid growth. Our meticulous matchmaking process, The Malloy Match™, is designed to align your company's unique challenges and goals with the right executive's skills and experience, facilitating swift and sustainable business growth.