Company Deal Flow Details

Do you need help getting first meetings with new investors? 

Malloy's Monthly Deal Flow's objective is to get you 1-5 first meetings with new investors who email you directly, and then it's up to you. We can't promise cash, but more than 20% of the companies featured in Malloy's Monthly Deal Flow have raised money from our investor network. 

Benefits for entrepreneurs who share their pitch deck:

  1. 500+ investors and super connectors receive Malloy's Monthly Deal Flow email newsletter
  2. Access to more capital
  3. Increase investor awareness
  4. Connect directly with investors who opt-in
  5. Leverage Malloy Industries' fractional executives who can help you grow your business

Malloy's Monthly Deal Flow will feature your company because our mission is to add value to impactful growth-stage companies like yours by making transformational connections for entrepreneurs, investors, fractional executives, and interns.

Here's a sample copy of Malloy's Monthly Deal Flow.

To help cover the cost of producing and sending the newsletter, the fee to be featured in Malloy's Monthly Deal Flow is $1,997. We are offering an 80% discount this month for only $397. Simply Share Your Pitch Deck, and you will receive an invoice from the Malloy Industries Team.

Additional resources and investor databases to support your fundraising journey:

Recent Monthly Stats

We advised 4 companies before Shark Tank.
KITU Super Coffee is now worth $500M!