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Are you confident in your expert abilities to deliver value to growing companies? Then you need to apply as a fractional executive!

Do you feel like business development is the worst part of your job and waiting to hear back from word-of-mouth referrals takes forever?

Malloy Industries connects talented professionals like you to companies that need your services.

You save time and money on business development by receiving qualified leads to add value to multi-million dollar companies. 

You earn additional revenue by leveraging unique abilities with autonomy.

Application reviews are currently on hold because we reached our capacity with 200 fractional executives on the supply side of the marketplace. We are currently focused on the demand side to source new projects with B2B SaaS CEOs who want to make more money with fractional sales executives.

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“I like how you onboarded and personalized your passion and WHY for Malloy Industries. I am a part of many groups like Bolster, Continuum, and more. Malloy Industries is the ONLY group that personalized the experience and made me feel like you cared. Thank you!” 

– Mindy Honcoop

Exploring Collaborations with Malloy Industries

Once a month we hold a networking roundtable to provide our potential Fractional Executive roster members 

We provide an overview of our business model, services offered to connect entrepreneurs, fractional executives, investors, and interns, and at least 1 dad joke. You'll introduce yourself, your services, and your ideal client profile to our team and other new collaborators to see how we can help. At the end of the meeting, we will decide if there's mutual interest in working together.  

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