How It Works

3-Step Process to Solve Your Problems

1) Define Your Dream Outcomes

Let’s begin with the end in mind.

  • Identify your dream outcomes, objectives, and pain points
  • Fill out the Hire a Trusted Expert form to get the process started
  • Your dedicated project manager may ask you to fill out a project brief

2) Connect With Our Experts

Everything we do is facilitated by double opt-in intros.

  • Review a set of 1-5 curated consultants and pick your favorite(s)
  • Interview and select the best fit
  • Reach mutual agreement on the statement of work, budget, and timeline

3) Complete Your Projects

You can finally free up your time to work on what matters most to you.

  • Onboard your consultants as soon as you are ready
  • Facilitate collaboration between your team and your consultants to add value and reduce employee burnout 
  • Achieve your OKRs and reach your investor milestones

The Malloy Industries Consulting Group’s culture is deeply rooted in 5 core values.

1) Relentlessly Generous: The Malloy Industries Consulting Group always goes the extra mile to serve clients and one another. 

2) Vulnerably Trustworthy: We channel our inner Brené Brown to share our whole selves with colleagues and clients. 

3) Enthusiastically Fun: Laughter, dad jokes, and smiles are embedded into each meeting, so you’ll look forward to collaborating together. 

4) Independently Productive: We are grownup professionals who get our work done autonomously since micro-management and bureaucracy don’t exist here. If we see something wrong, we fix it or tell you how to fix it. 

5) Flexibly Learning: If we don’t know how to do something, we Google our way to victory or ask one of our experts for an article, podcast, or renewable resource to learn how to solve new problems. We love teaching our colleagues what we learn to help them on their journey.