The Malloy Way™

Malloy Industries serves entrepreneurs as relentlessly generous experts, so they can make more money doing what they do best.

Our mission is to accelerate growth-stage companies by solving sales struggles and making transformational connections for entrepreneurs, investors, and fractional executives. 

Our top-tier fractional executives let clients focus on strategic priorities while ensuring sales excellence.

Malloy Industries matches entrepreneurs with vetted, trustworthy fractional executives to scale their business from $2M to $20M.

B2B SaaS companies benefit from our fractional sales executives, who are available for 20%, 33%, or 40% of their time each week.

We believe that it's a smarter to invest in 100% of an expert's skill set for only the time you need. Our clients save their resources with no salary, benefits, nor long recruitment processes here. 

Fractional executives are the future of work. 

This is how successful companies scale.

Mike Malloy started Malloy Industries in 2021 after serving 100+ entrepreneurs as the Program Director at the Halcyon Incubator and Entrepreneur-in-Residence and Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University. 

We conducted over 250+ customer discovery interviews with CEOs, investors, and fractional executives to (in)validate our hypotheses. 

We matched fractional executives with 82 companies to increase the likelihood of success, help them achieve their OKRs, hit investor milestones, and raise more funding.

Our marketplace gives concierge and consultative support to efficiently connect you with the expertise you're missing.

Malloy Industries delivers the future of work – an efficient, resourceful, and cost-effective way to scale your business with fractional executives. We are guided by five core values:

1) Relentlessly Generous: We always go the extra mile to serve our clients and one another

2) Vulnerably Trustworthy: In the spirit of Brené Brown, we bring our authentic selves to our interactions with clients

3) Enthusiastically Fun: Dad jokes are on the agenda in each meeting 🙂

4) Independently Productive: We are professionals who get our work done autonomously

5) Flexibly Learning: A commitment to continuous learning and sharing insights is at the heart of our approach

The journey to scaling your business doesn't have to be overwhelming. 

With the right fractional executive, success is within reach.